How To: Transfer iTunes playlists from PC to Mac

Transfer iTunes playlists from PC to Mac

This video will show people who are switching from a PC to a Mac how to move your iTunes playlists to your new computer. From your PC, you should go to the File tab of iTunes and go to your library, choosing "Export Playlist". Next, go to your Mac and select the "Import Playlist" option on the drop down menu. On your Mac, open the file for the PC playlist and use the "Find" option from the Edit menu in order to replace the parts of the address which are different from that of the format which is readable by Macs. You will be able to tell which parts need to be changed by opening a playlist on both the PC and the Mac and comparing the files which are received. By replacing all these pieces of text, you should be able to make the data from a PC readable by the Mac. Repeat this for all playlists which you would like to transfer.

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