How To: Fix the Missing Tags in Your MP3 Files

Fix the Missing Tags in Your MP3 Files

How to easily fix the missing tags in your MP3 collection using free software called Fixtunes. The tags on an MP3 file identify things like the Song Title, Recording Artist, Album Name, Genre, Track Number, etc. When you buy songs from places like the iTunes Music Store or these tags are complete. Some of the songs in your iTunes library may have incomplete tags. This is how you fix them.

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It would have been nice to know you can only use this for 50 songs without paying for the program. :-(

on pc, you can use taghycardia (a free utility) to pre-fix all the errors in your mp3 tags before uploading the tracks to itunes. the program is specifically trained to spot such tag faults as missing artist/album/track numbers, as well as extra playlists, genre disparities, etc. in addition, it can auto set itunes' "part of a compilation" flag for your compilations.

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